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Business detail

What Our Company Do

Since our founding in 1955, we have supported working people through the sale of uniforms and workwear. In recent years, we have also started selling casual wear. We continue to provide cheap and fashionable work and casual wear.

Apparels For Stylish Workers and Everyday Casual.

Company Details

Operating company

Hayashiya shouji

Chief operating officer

Atsuhisa Furukawa


Postcode : 510-0834, 4-5-3 Tokiwa, Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture

Phone number


Email address

Shop Details

Payment method

Credit cards

Mobile carrier settlements

Convenience payments

Other Payments

Bank Transfer

required fee

Shipping: the price of a commodity6,000Below the yen (tax)700Circle (Hokkaido and Okinawa Prefecture)1,500Circle)
Commodities6,000The service is higher than the yen (tax included in the tax system).800Circle)

Convenience Store Fee:190Circle
Bank Transfer Fee: Client Bearing
Consumption Tax: Including Commodities

Payment timing and deadline

Credit card: On payment, Bank Transfer: After the order of the order7Within Day, Convenience store prepayment: After order3Within Day,

Time to delivery

Credit card payment, career payment: after order confirmation36In the day of the day
Bank Transfer, Convenience Store Prepayment: After Confirmation of Money36In the day of the day

Return / Exchange Customer canceled due to customer request (product delivery)
If you are shipping a product, you will be able to cancel.

After the arrival of the product, you are not accepting the cancellation or refund due to customer convenience.

Customer Interchange Replacement
After arrival of products7You can contact you within the day and receive the replacement if the product is unused, but you may not be able to accept the replacement in the following cases:When product labels are lost, when inventory is sold out-of-stock.If used.You will be asked to pay for the shipping charge at the time of sending the refund.

a refund due to a product's malfunction
After the product arrives, regardless of whether the product is used,7If you want to contact us in the next few days, we will be ready to respond.For card payment, carrier settlement, claim cancellation and others will be refundled at the bank transfer.We are sorry to send the goods back to you, but we will be requested to do so.