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Refund policy

For returns, defective products, and cancellations:

Cancellation due to customer's convenience (before shipment of products)

We accept cancellations before shipment of products.

We do not accept cancellations or refunds due to customer convenience after the arrival of the product.

Replacement at your convenience
After the arrival of the product7If you contact us within 10 days and the product is unused, we will accept the exchange, but we may not be able to accept the exchange in the following cases. If the product label is no more than available, when replaced, or when the stock is sold out. In the case of used. Please pay the postage at the time of return at the customer's expense.

Refunds due to product defects
After the arrival of the product regardless of whether the product is used or not7If you contact us within 2 days, we will respond. In the case of card payment and carrier settlement, the claim will be canceled, and others will be refunded by bank transfer. Please return the product by cash on bed.

Return deadline:
After the arrival of the product7Within days