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XEBEC XE98016 Air-conditioned clothing vest (Uniex)


Description of item:
XEBECTwo-tone with camouflage print from (Xebec) is fashionableXE98016, It is an introduction of the casual type air-conditioned clothes vest. The feature is that it is easy to move above all. Since the cuffs are piping specifications, it goes around the clothes without letting extra wind escape and is discharged from the neck. Since the cuffs are shirred, the wind can pass around the shoulders and it is more comfortable. The sharp silhouette that suppresses the swelling of the body eliminates the stiffness. The camouflage print and two-tone color scheme make it a more casual design vest, so we recommend a simple monotone or similar color bottom.

High density mini lip (polyester100%
○ Right chest pocket (width)14 cm xdepth23cm
Color  22.Silver gray
39.Sand beige

battery specification
External dimensions W81mm / D24mm / H89mm
output 7.2V, 6V, 5V, 3.3V (4 steps)
Discharge temperature 0℃~50℃
charging time About 8 hours
Rated capacity 6500mAh
Rechargeable temperature 0℃~40℃
storage temperature -20℃~50℃
weight 250g
Continuous use time of air-conditioned clothes Air flow
When set to 7.2V About 8 hours 30 liters / second
When 6V is set About 12 hours 25 liters / sec
When 5V is set About 18 hours 22 liters / sec
When 3.3V is set 24 hours or more 12 liters / sec
* Caution: When used at 6V or 7.2V, the operating life of the fan will be shortened. Please use it only when the air volume of 5V or more is absolutely necessary, such as in a hot and humid place.


Handling Precautions:
Inside the car under the scorching sun, etc.(Hot place)Please be careful not to leave it in.
Do not clean the fan with an air gun as the wings may break.
Do not use anything other than the dedicated battery. It may cause a malfunction or accident.
This material is vulnerable to fire and should not be worn in the field where fire is handled.

・ This product is a set product of blouson, fan and battery.
・ The size will be the actual size measured by our staff.
・ Slight differences may occur between the product delivered to you and the indicated dimensions. please note that.

-Although image processing is performed so that it is close to the actual product, the color and texture may look slightly different from the actual product depending on the monitor environment of the customer. please note that.

XEBEC XE98016 Air-conditioned clothing vest (Uniex)