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XEBEC 2170 GENBA Stretch Work blouson


XEBEC (Ziebeck) Field Clothing Series Work Blouson 2170

Thick and durable stretch ox material ideal for hard sites

On-site clothing made of thick ox stretch material. The strong texture is perfect for hard sites. It is thick, but the hiji and the hisa are easy to move by three-dimensional cutting by stretching. The silhouette has moderate space and is recommended for those who are not good at slim type.

Because I use the same material that is thick for a shirt, pants-in style is also possible and can be dressed depending on the scene

Cargo pants are equipped with large pockets + zipper pockets for excellent storability

1st place of deep-rooted popularity while early model of on-site clothes series

Metal fasteners, metal buttons

There are 2174 long-sleeved shirts, 2173 cargo pants, and 2176 ribbed cargo pants in the same material

4-color development, S to 5L

Material: Stretch ox (97% cotton + 3% polyurethane)
Unit: cm
size Shoulders Chest Sleeve Length
S 46 106 52.5 59
M 47.5 110 55.5 61
L 49 114 58 63
Ll 50.5 118 59.5 65
3L 52 122 60 67
4L 53.5 126 60 69
5L 55 130 60 69

XEBEC 2170 GENBA Stretch Work blouson