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XEBEC 2173 GENBA Stretch Cargo pants


XEBEC Field Clothing Series Cargo Pants 2173

Thick and durable stretch ox material ideal for hard work

On-site clothing using thick ox stretch material. The solid texture is perfect for hard sites. Although it is thick, it is stretchy and the elbows and knees are easy to move due to draping. The silhouette has a moderate amount of space and is recommended for those who are not good at slim type.

Since the same thick material is used for the shirt, pants-in style is also possible and you can wear it depending on the scene.

Cargo pants are equipped with a large pocket and a zipper pocket for excellent storage.

One of the most popular items in the field clothing series, despite being an early model

Metal fasteners, metal buttons

There are 2170 blouson, 2174 long sleeve shirt, and 2176 ribbed cargo pants made of the same material.

Available in 4 colors, S-5L

Material: Stretch ox (97% cotton + 3% polyurethane)

Unit: cm
SIZE Corresponding dimensions West inseam
S 70-75 75 80
M 75-80 80 80
L 80-85 85 80
LL 85-90 90 80
3L 90-95 95 80
4L 95-100 100 80
5L 100-105 105 80

XEBEC 2173 GENBA Stretch Cargo pants