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XEBEC 2260 GENBA Stretch Work blouson


XEBEC (Siebeck) Craft Series: Work Bullzon 2260

Chatjackett's silhouette is the new superstretch field suit.

Stretch material that uses a strong thrusting thread with a strong weight is used for the texture, and the stretched material is 25 % of the growth rate of the wonders.

A new sense of field clothes for a new fusion design with a shatjackett silhouette and a G-style fusion design.The front of the burzon is a dotted button specification, but is in fact the dominant 2WAY specification that can be opened and closed in Fassner.The hijick is a combination of a ribnit and a very camelagic specification.

The pants have a jogger type and a slender cargo type that is straneted.All of these are field clothes that are easy to move with stretching, squared darts and a synergistic effect of stretching material.

Metal Fastener, Metal Buttons (dot button)

combined with 2262 jogger pants, 2263 cargopants.

3 Color expansion, S-5L

Material: Stretch Slab Til (cotton 98 % + polyurethane 2 %)
Unit: cm
SIZE Katahaba thoracic Odetake Jōjō
S 44 102 57 61
M 45.5 105 58 63
L 47 108 59.5 65
LL 48.5 112 60.5 67
3L 50 116 61.5 69
4L 51.5 120 62 71
5L 53 124 62 71

XEBEC 2260 GENBA Stretch Work blouson