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XEBEC 2263 GENBA Stretch Cargo Pants


XEBEC Field Clothing Series Cargo Pants 2263

Super stretch field clothes that can be dressed tightly with a slender design

Stretch material with varying thickness using slab yarn with varying thickness has an amazing elongation rate of 25%

A new sense of on-site clothing with a fusion design of shirt jacket silhouette and G Jean style. The center of the front of the blouson looks like a dot button, but in fact it is an excellent 2-way item that can be opened and closed with a zipper. The elbow is combined with a rib knit, making it very easy to bend and stretch.

Pants are available in a jogger type with a narrowed hem and a slender cargo type. Both are draped and knee darts, and the synergistic effect with the stretch material makes them slender yet easy to move.

Metal fastener, metal button (dot button)

Can be combined with 2260 blouson

Available in 3 colors, S-5L

Material: Stretch slab twill (98% cotton + 2% polyurethane)
Unit: cm
SIZE Corresponding dimensions West inseam
S 70-75 75 80
M 75-80 80 80
L 80-85 85 80
LL 85-90 90 80
3L 90-95 95 80
4L 95-100 100 80
5L 100-105 105 80

XEBEC 2263 GENBA Stretch Cargo Pants